Contact and Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching

Contact and Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching presents a dynamic range of accounts from leading organisational coaches, describing how they ground their practice in Gestalt theory and methods, and how they are working creatively within the broad scope of this versatile and powerful approach. Pulsing with stories from the front lines that illustrate what is distinctive about Gestalt coaching, the book contains case studies that involve challenging circumstances and deep learning for all stakeholders. With attention to pivotal micro-moments of the change process in the art of coaching, explorations of whole human intelligence, descriptions of co-emergent process, ‘creative experiments’ with clients, and other practical applications to organisational life, this collection will be invaluable to all coaches who wish to explore what Gestalt has to offer their practice, as well as to managers and organisational leaders.

Reviewer comments:

This book is a welcome contribution to the coaching literature. It provides a full appreciation of the range of contributions from Gestalt Psychology to the field of coaching. Every coach will find something here that will both expand and deepen their thinking and their practice. This book emphasises two aspects that are central to quality coaching - how we turn up (our presence as a coach) and how we attend to the context in which the work is happening.
Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School; Chairman, Renewal Associates; and author of many books on coaching, team coaching, supervision and leadership.

This is a treasure-chest of ideas, methods and frameworks from a wide rage of experienced Gestaltists that you can dip in to and discover gems that will stretch your thinking, deepen your understanding and enrich your practice of Gestalt coaching.
John Leary-Joyce, President, Academy of Executive Coaching; author, 'The Fertile Void - Gestalt Coaching at Work’.

This important book represents a diverse collection of papers on organisational coaching from a Gestalt theoretical perspective. These articles are tied together by their focus on process, creativity, the 'here and now', and relational connectedness - all important concepts of a contemporary Gestalt approach.
Joe Melnick, Founding Editor, Gestalt Review; Chair, Cape Cod Training Programme, Gestalt International Study Centre; co-editor, ‘Mending The World - Social Helming Interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide’.

Editors: Ty Francis PhD and Malcolm Parlett PhD
Price: £30.00 including post and packaging to UK and Europe.
Published by: GestaltPress, and distributed by Routledge, Taylor and Francis.
Dimensions: approx 14cms x 22cms
Pages: approx 300

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