meus workshops

May 2019

  • Coaching & Clay - A Creative Encounter!

    1st May to 1st May 2019


    You can’t get a more down-to-earth, basic raw material than clay! It is fundamental to life on earth, both in its elemental simplicity and in its advanced technological applications. It is extraordinarily versatile, and in our increasingly digital and virtual working environments, it’s haptic qualities can help us to get in touch with and open up to the essence of things. Getting our hands dirty during the workshop, in a sustained encounter with this ubiquitous material, will help us to feel our way to new forms of understanding of ourselves as coaches and of our connection to the client relationship. ‘Thinking through making’ creates possibilities for breakthrough and for new gestalts to take shape. As well as using clay as a medium of enquiry, we shall be making use of film in this workshop, to support our creative and reflective process. The tangible nature of this emergent process with clay and film, supports participation and shared discovery.

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June 2019

  • Systemic Team Coaching with Constellations

    19th June to 20th June 2019


    Professional coaching accreditation bodies predict an explosion of interest in team coaching in the next few years. At the same time, there is a growing interest in both Systemic Coaching approaches, as well as in the application of the related but different discipline of Systemic Constellations to team learning and development. Yet combining these two disciplines to support team development requires different things of the coach: contracting to work with multiple teams over time; identifying at which level of the system to intervene; understanding when to work as a coach team rather than as an individual coach; and sensing when – if at all – to constellate. This 2-day workshop will introduce coaches to the theory, method and practice of Systemic Team Coaching with Constellations (STCC).

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September 2019

  • Money Constellations

    30th September to 1st October 2019


    Money is a key part of our lives. Yet sometimes the place where we feel most difficulty in our lives is in relation to our finances. Without a mature relationship with money, we limit our ability to give, to hold and to receive. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the hidden dynamics that might be affecting your relationship with money and to financial success in your life. There will be opportunities for personal enquiry into your relationship with money, using family and organisational constellations; as well as teaching inputs and exercises that will enable you to clarify areas of difficulty, entanglement and lack of flow regarding money.

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November 2019

  • Constellations Exploring Rage & Passion

    28th November to 29th November 2019


    What is the relationship between rage and passion? They both form part of our essential life force, which we need to sustain our feeling of aliveness. Sadly, in life and at work, many people sacrifice their passion for the sake of feeling safe; they may also be afraid of the strength of their rage, the possibility of going out of control, or that their sexual passion may take them across boundries they do not wish to cross. So instead, they subsume these powerful, life-giving energies and as a consequence often feel depressed, withdrawn, dissociated or emotionally ill. In this workshop we shall be exploring these forces of rage and passion in family, organisational and community life, and learning how to be with the creative and destructive potentials of each. This workshop provides an important opportunity for anyone interested in family and organisational constellations, to do their own personal work - this might include issues with self-esteem; with relationships; with work and career purpose or direction; with important life choices, directions and decisions; difficult team dynamics; on important project start-ups; on helping your business to thrive; issues with sexual expression; with aggression and more…

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