Coaching & Organisational Constellations 'Improvers' Group

Coaching & Organisational Constellations 'Improvers' Group

This is the launch of a new study group, for those with some previous knowledge and experience of Coaching Constellations and Organisational Constellations, who wish to improve their Constellations practice and deepen their hands-on facilitation skills under close supervision and with peer-feedback and discussion. This Constellations PLUS (Practice & Learning Under Supervision) Group promises to significantly enhance your ability to constellate and to make embodied, systemic interventions in your coaching, consulting, facilitation, teaching and management practices.


Structured in 3 x 2-day modules over 2018, the learning approach will be guided by your specific needs as a participant - so we can 'bespoke' inputs and teaching points to suit your personal learning requirements as practitioners. Dates are:

  • 15th - 16th January 2018
  • 31st May - 1st June 2018
  • 18th - 19th October 2018

The modules will include opportunities for ‘live’ case study reviews and supervision of your own constellating. A particular feature of the programme is the inclusion of opportunities for exploring your own family constellations, so that our organisational practice as coaches and consultants is deepened by our personal development journey in this work. Each 2-day module will include:

  • Working on material brought by yourself and other group members
  • New teaching inputs that emerge from our ongoing work as a group
  • Practice in pairs, triads, small groups and as a whole group
  • Work on both ‘desktop’ and ‘workshop’ styles of Constellating
  • Work on a specific ‘theme’ each module, such as Ambition, Belonging, Team Development, Trauma and more...
  • Working with 'not knowing' - how to 'hold' the constellation when you don't know what to do
  • 'Process Work' - developing facility with sentences, movements and rituals
  • Reading a Constellation - interpreting somatic patterns and positioning


Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for those with prior experience of Constellations work, who want to extend their practical skills and focus on their personal stance and development as Constellators. It is likely that participants will have received at least a basic training and already understand the fundamentals of Constellations theory, method and practice - some participants may have attended advanced practitioner trainings and want to develop greater fluency in this approach. Please note that this programme is not suitable for those who are new to the work. Participants often include managers, coaches, consultants, change practitioners, educators, spiritual teachers, therapists and others in the helping professions.


Price & Refund Policy

Some bursaries are available and phased payments might also be possible upon request. In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places. It might be possible to transfer your place to another person you nominate, with sufficient notice. In exceptional circumstances we will consider offering you a place on another programme within 6 months of the date of your original booking.


Leading the programme

Ty Francis PhD