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Meus provides a range of personal, professional and organisational development services that transform the ways people relate, contribute, engage and perform at work and in life.

We develop close partnerships with our clients to understand the issues and opportunities you face, and then design and deliver bespoke solutions that are tailored to your needs. Because transformational learning involves real change, our services are distinguished by their ability to be intellectually and emotionally affecting; and by their basis in creative, experiential, reality-based methods. Our clients tell us that our solutions are leading-edge, and result in sustainable shifts in performance.

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film based OD

We pioneer the use of film to support all aspects of organisational transformation. For us, ‘digital transformation’ is not only about technology, but about culture - and we use film to capture and communicate culture, to connect people and teams, and to be a catalyst for change across all OD modalities.

We create films that:

  • Facilitate team development
  • Enable leaders to discover their purpose
  • Inspire people to innovate
  • Communicate virally
  • Support learning and development
  • Celebrate people’s potential

Our films are not ‘bolt-ons’ to existing OD practices, but an integral part of how we design and execute OD challenges in a digital age.

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reflective practices

Because no transformation is possible without reflecting deeply on who you are, how you do things and how differently you can operate, Meus provides a number of deep-impact reflective practices. These include:

  • Personal and team coaching
  • Coach supervision
  • Constellations
  • Action learning

There are several hallmarks of our approach: the honesty and quality of ‘supportive challenge’ we bring – through sensitive but frank exchanges we help illuminate blindspots and maintain momentum at critical moments; our depth of psychological and business insight; our focus on creative process in problem-solving and insight-generation; and our emphasis on systemic and embodied approaches that engage you as a client in the context of your overall work/life situation.

We provide these services in both in-person environments (office, off-site as well as outdoors) and virtual environments. We also include on-camera coaching for those wishing to understand more deeply how they might impact others, and achieve greater impact with interpersonal communications as well as developing greater presence as presenters and spokespeople.

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leadership & team development

Leaders and teams these days struggle with the complexities and ambiguities of volatile environments. This requires a focus – not just on the traditional areas of developing, communicating and implementing vision and strategy – but also on the ‘soft skills’ of engaging people and working with uncertainty. 

We believe that leadership is not only a function of holding a senior position, but is also is a capacity to use personal presence to engage people and mobilise others. This is vital at all levels of the organisational hierarchy and also with external stakeholders. A cornerstone of our approach is to enable managers to develop an authentic leadership style and a deep understanding of what is expected of them in their roles – instilling confidence in the process!

Meus enables leaders and team members to recognise, understand and address relationship issues and group dynamics in pursuit of business results. We provide transferable skills for discovering why you (and others) respond and act as you (and they) do; we also design development activities that expose you to real leadership and team challenges where power and politics play a part.

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‘academy’ workshops

We provide bespoke and open-access training that can be delivered in both classroom, outdoors and virtual environments. Because learning is fundamentally a social activity, we enable people to gain insight, knowledge and skills through facilitating gatherings such as conferences, seminars, retreats, ‘awayday’ workshops and through film and other interactive technologies.

Please speak to us about any workshop-based learning you need and we will gladly help with ideas to make it a success. For a list of the open-access workshops we are running this year, click here.

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personal development retreats

We can all benefit from taking time away from the outwardly-focused busy-ness of our lives, and turning our attention inwards towards who and what we are. A Meus retreat provides an opportunity for gently inquiring into our heart, body, mind, soul and life, and for awakening purpose, passion and a sense of grace and ease in all our endeavours.

Meus not only provides open-access, ‘themed’ retreats for the public; we also offer a bespoke retreat service for groups and teams; in addition we provide one-to-one, personal accompaniment on individual retreats of between 3 – 5 days. Our retreats are held apart from the bustle of city life, in places of outstanding natural beauty. 

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