Change is only possible to the extent that we have support for that change.

This is probably not a popular message for those of us who pride ourselves on being mature, independent, self-directed, achievers, who have earned our autonomy. I’m saying that we can’t succeed in making a change to ourselves, or a club we belong to, or a team or organisation we lead, unless the amount of support is proportional to the amount of change we wish to make. Not enough support – we fail.

I have just re-read one of my favourite children’s stories – The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. Through chronicling the adventures of a young boy’s toy rabbit, the story describes how love makes us real.

It’s an inspiring and heart-opening story that has got me thinking about love both at work and in life… For example, what is required of us to love an organisation to life, so that the brand becomes truly real for staff and customers? I suspect The Velveteen Rabbit can shed some light on this question. And also, what is a “real” relationship anyway?